KIERAN SHEA’s fiction has appeared in dozens of venues including Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Thuglit, Dogmatika, Word Riot, Plots with Guns, Beat to a Pulp, Crimefactory, and Needle: A Magazine of Noir well as in some beefy-looking anthologies most of which will make you question the tether of his shiny, red balloon. To his self-deprecating astonishment he's also been nominated for the Story South’s Million Writers Award twice without sending the judges so much as a thank you note. He co-edited the satiric transgressive fiction collection D*CKED: DARK FICTION INSPIRED BY DICK CHENEY and his debut novel KOKO TAKES A HOLIDAY is out now from Titan Books. Kieran divides his time between 38°58′22.6″N- 76°30′4.17″W and 39.2775° N, 74.5750° W.


Follow You Down

Exhausted. Still mulling over the President's comments today about FaceBook. It's all just so true, B.O. More than ever, the seeds and indiscretions sown via the electronic misstep ARE dangerous. Kids should beware. And adults too. Recently in our area some kids saw via a FB posting of a schoolmate that her family was going out of town for two weeks. "Friends" broke in, destroyed the house, and caused thousands of dollars worth of damages. The vandals have yet to be caught but I think they will be eventually. That's the thing about "group" crime. Someone will always be the soft touch. Of course this scenario probably has been played out worldwide, even in your neighborhood. And yet some people who heard of it were shocked. Shocked? I wanted to smack them in their heads with a wet sock full of moldy grapes. You sheep.

The President's words of caution cast a wide net, not just FaceBook. Yeah, it will all follow you...and not just the kids. All of us. Your harmless "Tweet", that email, this blog. I make it a point that whenever I talk about myself or my family to go vague here. May make it a bit vanilla, but that's the way I want to play ball. I just feel sorry for future biographers. Instead of sifting through precious saved letters found in a trunk in the attic, they will face warehouses of inane drivel, searching for clues. Then again, maybe a good cosmic eraser is needed. Use to be the parental and authoritative warnings went dire with "go down on your permanent record." To me this translated into two acute things: arrest and getting some girl pregnant. Both left me terrified.